About Us

– 3D Wasp are not only suppliers of state-of-the-art 3D Printers, we also provide printing services!

3D WASP AU is a company based in Smithfield, NSW. We are the sole distributors of DeltaWASP Printers, and provide technical support for deltaWASP customers in Australia.
We also provide prints as a service using DeltaWASP printers. Using these printers we can help you prototype and create your designs up to 1m^3 in volume

We supply DeltaWASP PRO, Industrial 4.0, and Clay lines. Suitable for your builds no matter the material or build volume.

We have a range of materials that we can print in, from specialty filaments such as Nylon Carbon, TPU and Polycarbonate to PLA and ABS Pellet for rapid large scale prints.
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