DeltaWASP 4070 HDP

WASP 4070 HDP is specifically designed to print directly with plastic pellets.
Reducing the cost of your material with industrial quality parts.
Affordable, heavy-duty and precise 3D prints.


Solid, precise and silent
The new 4070 HDP is provided with new motor drivers that make the printer much quieter and more precise. Combined with new, more powerful stepper motors that give it greater rigidity and repeatability.
Pneumatically loaded HDP pellet Extruder, specifically developed for thermoplastic granules extrusion up to 350g/h.
Experiment with an incredibly wide variety of customized and WASP officials recycled materials.
Includes the new Mesh plate Automatic bed levelling and calibration system.
The mechanics have also been improved with the introduction of the new carbon fibre arms which reduce the moving weight.
We have included new laminated safety glass door, Class 2B2 which is able to provide a greater thermal stability within the total build area.
The user experience has been simplified with a new 7-inch TFT touch display and an LED bar located at the top of the display.
Also, you can remotely monitor and watch your prints.

Active hot chamber
WASP 4070 HDP is manufactured in metal, with non-deformable steel core belts, featuring thermal and acoustic insulation. The active chamber temperature up to 50 °C allows an optimal printing of standard, technical or recycled thermoplastics, whilst maintaining a relatively low temperature on the mechanics.

Remote camera control
The new 4070 HDP can be connected to your network then be managed directly via your mobile phone, tablet or computer. A camera has been included inside the printer to monitor printing remotely.
A team of experts for dedicated assistance
WASP technicians can work remotely on your machine’s motherboard, in case of any issues.
Easily interchangeable build plate(s)
The innovative system VAC (Vacuum Active Control), allows you to replace the printers build plate in a few seconds, ensuring the total absence of micro-moves during printing, even at high temperatures.
The VAC also allows you to use printing plates of different types compatible with the printing material used, ensuring excellent adhesion. Once the print is over, the VAC automatically releases the printing plate so that it can be removed manually.

Technical Specifications


Printer dimensions: 85 x 77 x 195 cm
Printer weight approx. : 95 kg
Packaging dimension: 100 x 100 x 230 cm
Weight with packaging: 250 kg

HDP Technology

Print volume Ø 400 x h 600 mm
Nozzle diameter 1 mm
Max output: 350g/h
Layer resolution 200 – 500 micron
Print speed up to 150 mm/s
Travel speed up to 250 mm/s
Connectivity WiFi, LAN, USB
Hotend temperature Max 280°C
Bed temperature Max 120°C
Chamber temperature Max 50°C


New GUI 7-inch TFT touch screen display and 60 LED RGB bar


Input 220/240 V 50/60 Hz (110V available)
Working power ; Max 3Kw
Average power  ; 0,6Kw
Air compressor 8bar, 50L tank, 6x8mm pipe


Use 20-30° C
Storage 0-30° C


Frame and cover aluminium, steel, polycarbonate, PU
Bed machined aluminium and removable plate
Movements: Nylon wheels on anodized aluminium sliders, PU steel core belts which are resistant to high temperature.
Insulation polymer foam for thermo-acoustic insulation


Pellet PLA WASP natural 5kg
Nozzle 1 mm
Printing plates kit
Vacuum gasket kit
Simplify3D® slicing software (license included, usable on two devices simultanely)
Pen drive
Cleaning kit


All available Datasheets are on our downloads page

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