Affordable, heavy-duty, industrial quality prints.
The 3D printer optimized for printing large objects from Recycled and Industrial grade plastic pellets.
Print with plastic pellets of standard, technical and recycled thermoplastics materials, for art, furniture and automotive applications.
Pellet granules tend to be 10x cheaper than filament.
Give plastic waste a second chance with our HDP XL extruder.


Solid, precise and silent

The new 3MT HDP features high quality brushless motors which means it’s stronger, quieter, and more precise. Combined with new, more powerful stepper motors that give it greater rigidity and repeatability.
It features pneumatic brakes to ensure maximum safety in all conditions.
The chassis is now equipped with a 2B2 class laminated safety glass for thermo-acoustic insulation. It can be used in an office or exhibition area while staying below the noise limits.
The user experience includes a new 7-inch TFT touch display and an LED bar located at the top of the display.
You can remotely monitor and watch your prints.

Localized Hot Chamber

One of the main innovations of the 3MT HDP is its patented FIRECAP SYSTEM. It is a moving heated chamber system which works up to 150 °C. The FIRECAP SYSTEM effectively distributes all the heat around the hot-end, ensuring perfect inter-layer adhesion and excellent surface quality even with the most difficult materials.

WIFI machine connected to the network for monitoring and control.
New GUI new touch interface with bigger TFT display.
Camera on-board  for monitoring and timelapse.
Remote intervention WASP technicians can follow you step-by-step remotely.

Technical Specifications


Printer dimensions 215 cm x 235 cm x 305 cm
Printer weight 250 kg
The machine travels dis-assembled. 
It’s then assembled in your printer space.
The required space for assembly is approximately 5.5 m x 2.5 m x h 3.6 m
Packaging in 3 x wooden crates for national/international shipping
Crates A: 310 x 60 x 55 cm
Crates B: 227 x 60 x 136 cm
Crates C: 120x120x 50 cm


HDP Technology
Print volume Ø 1000 x h 1000 mm
Max output 3.8 kg/h with ABS WASP and 5.0 mm nozzle
Standard Nozzle diameter 3.0 mm
Compatible Nozzle diameter 2.0 mm / 3.0 mm / 5.0 mm
Pellet size that can be used ; Ø 2 to 6 mm
Layer resolution min 0,5 mm (with a 2 mm nozzle) – max 2,5 mm (with a 5 mm nozzle)
Print speed 100 mm/s
Travel speed 200 mm/s
Connectivity WiFi, LAN, USB
Hot-end temperature Max 350°C
Chamber temperature Max 150°C


Pellet PLA from WASP, in natural colour ; 25 kg
Nozzles kit for HDP XL Extruder 2 mm + 3 mm + 5 mm
Printing plate for PLA x 3
Simplify3D® slicing software (license included, usable on two devices simultaneously)
USB Pen drive
Cleaning kit
Professional fume extractor


Air compressor silenced 6 L, 8 bar, 105 L/min.
Additional pellet tank 50 L extra-large


All available Datasheets are on our downloads page

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