Clay Kit 3.0

The new WASP Clay kit is finally here. A professional model to change your FDM printer to an LDM printer.

New Innovations:

Bubble minimizing extruder
New extrusion system allowing for better control and retraction

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The new WASP Clay kit includes a 3L tank (and upon request to, a 5L tank is available). The new model now can print
middle-sized prints, something that the older iterations could not do due to the limitations on the mixture amount that could be contained.
Inside the tank, there is now a piston that pushes the material through the teflon pipes to extrude material. The tank can simply be
cleaned and refilled by removing the caps at either end of the tank. The tank is also fitted with a safety valve that is set to 8bar.
With the new design, the probability of bubbles being inside the mixture is minimised greatly. This is due to the fact that the design allows
for air to flow upwards and out of the mixture, reducing the chance of a failure mid-print due to bubbles. Furthermore, the extruder now
uses a stronger screw to feed material through, and thus can extrude more dense material, further eliminating the risk of a collapse during printing.
The screw and tank are also easily replaceable in the event of damage.


LDM (Liquid deposition modelling) is the name of the innovative WASP extruder. It can be used to print ceramic materials and can be adapted
to most 3D printers on the market.
WASP has always been primarily focused on the LDM process and the development of systems that use fluid-dense materials for printing. The
LDM extruder can be used to print materials like porcelain, clay, alumina, zirconia and advanced ceramics. In launching the new extruder
WASP aims to promote the printing of fluid-dense materials and advanced ceramics into the world.
After two years of time and experimenting all possible combinations of pressure, nozzle diameter, and materials, WASP has created an
extruder that can stop and start extruding, much like a retraction in FDM printing.
The LDM WASP extruder is a professional clay extruder that can be used to deposit dense fluid materials such as clay, and experimental materials.
With the new screw system, it is capable of regulating the output flow of the material that is being deposited, and thus it can allow a
rapid interruption of flow, and accurate retraction control.


The WASP Clay kit was created with installation on WASP printers in mind. However, it can be adapted to most 3D printers on the market. 
Simply print mounts that are suitable for your machine (provided by wasp on, then change your extruders’ steps 
per millimeter to 400.

Technical Specifications

WASP Clay Kit 3.0 includes aluminium 3 l. Tank, porcelain and LDM WASP Extruder. Compressor is not included. It’s possible to connect any compressor with at least 8 bar pressure value.

The pipe which connects the 3D printer to the air compressor is not supplied by WASP.

A useful tip: It’s a nylon pipe and it’s a tool generally supplied by the air compressor supplier. If you don’t have it you can buy it from any hardware store of the length you need, ask for an 8 mm (external dimension) nylon pipe.

Wheight 15 kg
Dimensions 50 x 26 x 28 cm

Extruder with screw control
A high-couple stepper engine
Engine cooling fan
Bearing seal
Stainless steel Nozzle diameter 1.2 mm and 2 mm
Support for Delta or Powerwasp (on request)

Aluminium Tank 3 l
Aluminium closure lids
A return preventing valve
Nylon piston
A stand for the tank

Stand for the Tank
Nylon supports for 3l Tank
Bar fittings
A pressure reducer
A safety valve

Teflon connecting tube
Nylon connecting tube
10 kg of porcelain
SD card with files and configurations

NOTE: Others printer machines must be adapted to be used with our WASP Clay Kit.

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